Anielle and Matthew

Anielle Reid: Great Again

Anielle and Friends: Halloween Special

Anielle Reid: Waves and Free A Chiu Productions Remote Session

Anielle Reid : This Life

Anielle Reid: Love Song

Anielle Reid: Smile

Anielle Reid: Better

Anielle Reid: Morality


Red Winter: Troubled Old Man

Performing as a part of Red Winter, the modern folk duo composed of myself and Itai Winter, was a fun experience that confirmed my love of music and my passion to be a part of the music industry. Being able to make music to enhance an experience, promote, brand and connect people to: each other,varying causes, and their own emotions was something we did and is what I strive to do as a solo artist.
Red Winter was labeled the band that put a new spin on global traditions- The Union City Reporter; as Anielle Reid I aspire to be a part of the tradition of musicians promoting, enhancing, branding and defining what it is in life that moves, makes and happens to us all.