The Busking Banjoist 4/28 3rd Entry

Performing can be scary but once you get over the fear it's exhilarating.
 I busked all by myself on Sunday night at the 28th NQR station.

For 1/2 hour of banjo playing, pickin' and singing I was awarded with:

1 full box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins
video camera footage
a few smiles
some small chat
a few compliments
an invite to dinner
friendly waves and

While packing my gear up I was the happiest I had been in some time.

As much as I don't actively think of others I realized that appreciation from others and gratitude from them is quite fulfilling, but that
being able to share a gift and a real moment is even more satisfying.

That knowledge and that moment was the true reward for me.

Not to mention this photo I snagged with an awesome student who brought me donuts and the most sincere 
compliment of appreciation. Yes, I play for compliments and food... don't knock it till you try it :)



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