The Busking Banjoist 4/23 1st Entry

I had no idea what I wanted when I started to make music; it was more of destiny running its course with me as its vessel, but now, it's different.

I want to connect with people, use my voice and the banjo to bring smiles or a little peep to someone's step.
That is why I have decided to start busking.
Some people think of busking as one step above begging but I've found it to be the complete opposite: a true exchange of emotion, a giving of oneself to a sea of strangers for nothing asked but a lot received. It is the living testament to the adage "Give and You Shall Receive". When a musician really gives himself in his performance it's so powerful that not only does he receive that personal feeling of empowerment but money from the staunchest New Yorkers and smiles from the coldest commuters pouring out in abundance and there is also this magical moment that I hope  is something that not only musicians can experience: the moment when a complete stranger silently acknowledges you, maybe with a nod or a glance that says:
"Thank you, your song really changed my day, I connected with it and in that one moment I was free of the monotony of this life, this commute, this NY living, your music freed me and I am grateful"

Ok maybe that is not their intention but it sure feels like something intimate and magical. It is the greatest feeling of human connection that I have experienced and I guess you can say that as a musician I am an emotion chaser. I trap them in notes and words and release them in song for the world to connect with, I am also a little bit of an attention whore but that's another blog for another day.

So this spring and summer it's Hello NYC, HERE I AM,bringing to the masses top 40 songs, originals and more!

I don't know what to expect but so far it has been great.

A wink here and there, a person stopped in his tracks bopping to the beat, and a dropped bill in my case have happened and were well received reactions.

It is from music that I know I can make a small difference in others' lives and my own and 

I hope to see you there along my busking journey!
If I don't, just think of me when you see someone belting a tune underground or meekly whispering and strumming his guitar on a station bench. This person is perfecting a very important craft, one that when done well can and does change someone's day for the better.

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